ANSI flange strong water magnetizer anti-scaling softener

 ANSI Flange Strong Water Magnetizer Softener for Antiscaling           1.Clear and to prevent pipe scale and rust build          2.Environmental pollution does not use chemicals        

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 ANSI Flange Strong Water Magnetizer Softener for Antiscaling
          1.Clear and to prevent pipe scale and rust build
          2.Environmental pollution does not use chemicals
          3.Not energy, long lifespan for effective running.
          4.No expert management of low maintenance costs
          5.Small, simple and quick installation
          6.Process to achieve zero emissions, save a lot of water
          7.Improve the system heat transfer efficiency, energy saving (15% -30%)
          8.Descaling process can produce hydrogen peroxide and reduce bacteria l
           evels in water
 I. Introduction
Strong magnetic water treatment equipment is treated with water with magnetic fields, to change the water physical structure on the premise of without changing the chemical composition of water, to achieve the purposes of anti-scaling, scale removal, sterilization, algae removal, anti-corrosion and anti-rust in water. There is strong magnetic field in central part of this products, but it generates little magnetic interference on outside, the effect of water processing is obvious, which is a new generation of novel structure and optimal product for water treatment.
II. Working principle
Making use of great energy that generates from neodymium, iron, boron, rare earth and permanent magnetic material, with optimal design, and form a crest vertical center field. When water or fluid flow through the vertical magnetic field, it will produce an electromotive force, the lattice refinement, the original water fouling crystal particle size from about 3.39 microns to about 0.22 microns, flow rate will be faster, the electromotive force generated is greater, the effect is more ideal, to achieve the purpose of anti-scaling and scale removal.
Meanwhile, water flow is treated by magnetic field, lead to the electrical conductivity and osmotic pressure changed and microbial cell ruptured, and cells stop breeding, which achieves effect of sterilization and algae removal.
Since the water treated by magnetic field, it will produce tiny electron flow, which change Fe2O3·nH2O into stable Fe3O4 and generates black magnetic iron oxide which deposited onto the tube wall surface to form a film barrier layer, the oxygen in the water separated from the pipe wall, in this case ,it will realize the purpose of rust removal and prevention.
Using scope
1.Central Air Conditioning System
2.Industrial cooling water system
3.Landscape, swimming pool system
4.Heat exchange system, heating system
5.Production and domestic hot water supply system
Technical parameter
ModelInlet and outletDimension(mm)Flow rateVertical centerWorking  Temperature (ºC)weight
mminchdiameter*lengthm 3 /hStrong magnetism (mt)Kg

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